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Jim Murphy’s voting record speaks for itself. He is not good for South County or Missouri voters like you and me.

Kyle Kerns is your voice in Jefferson City.

Murphy on Healthcare

  • Imposed an 8 week abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. (2019, SS HB126)
  • Gutted voter-approved Medicaid expansion. (2021)
  • Voted against establishing a Maternal and Infant Mortality Review Board Coordinator position to guide the work of finding ways to reduce negative birth outcomes for moms and babies in the state. According to the CDC, Missouri ranks 42nd nationally in negative maternal health outcomes. (2019, HB10)
  • Repealed protections for women and pregnant inmates, allowing them to be shackled while pregnant, taking away availability of tampons/sanitary napkins while in custody, and removing furlough options in the third trimester. (2019, Amendment to HCB2)

Kerns on Healthcare

  • Trusts women and upholds their freedom to make their own reproductive choices.
  • Supports voter-approved Medicaid expansion.
  • Backs mental health care and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health treatment.

Murphy on Guns

  • Prohibited Missouri from enforcing any federal firearm laws or regulations. (2020, Amendment 4aa to SB600)
  • Voted to have guns everywhere, removing gun-free zones from college campuses, churches, hospitals, childcare facilities, amusement parks, casinos, government meetings, and polling places. (2019, Amendment to HB575; 2020, Amendment 8aa to SB600)

Kerns on Guns

  • Protects your kids at school, keeping guns out of the classroom and other safe spaces.
  • Believes in common sense gun laws that increase background checks and reduce access to assault weapons.

Murphy on Education

  • Voted to use public funding for private education, taking money away from Missouri schools and students. (2021, HB349)

Kerns on Education

  • Wants to adequately fund public education.
  • Encourages parent, teacher, and school board partnerships that put students’ needs first.

Murphy on Worker's Rights

  • Limited state benefits for essential workers during the pandemic. (2020, Amendment to SB725)
  • Voted for more individuals doing work for employers to be classified as independent contractors, relieving employers of paying benefits (work comp, unemployment benefits) and depriving workers traditionally thought of as employees of benefits. (2019, HCS HB1137)
  • Exempted all non-public schools, including those run by religious institutions, from paying the required minimum wage to their employees. (2019, HB763; 2020, HB1559)
  • Said Missourians do not deserve paid family and medical leave, even when Missouri workers are the ones footing the bill. (2019, Amendment to HB126)

Kerns on Worker's Rights

  • Fights for labor unions and is against Right-To-Work.
  • Supports minimum wage increases to protect workers.
  • Believes workers deserve adequate benefits, including paid medical leave.

Murphy on Business

  • Supported foreign ownership of up to 1% of our state’s agricultural land by companies like China-owned Smithfield. (2019, Amendment to 391)
  • Helped developers and big businesses avoid paying taxes while shifting tax burden to individuals and small businesses. (2019, HB1061)

Kerns on Business

  • Supports American companies over foreign interests.
  • Wants corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

Murphy on Voting

  • Limited accessible voting machines for the blind. (2019, Amendment to HB26)
  • Made it harder for Missourians to vote with restrictive voter ID requirements, creating barriers to the ballot box, limiting absentee voting, and going against automatic voter registration. (2020, HB1600 and SB552; 2022, HB1878)

Kerns on Voting

  • Makes voting easier for citizens through automatic voter registration.
  • Wants to implement ranked choice voting.

Murphy on Citizen Oversight

  • Expanded legislative file exemptions to the Sunshine Law, limiting civilian oversight of government and defying Clean MO. (2019, HB445, HR7, HRJ 48/46/47)
  • Created a $350 fee/financial barrier for initiative petition filers, making it harder for average citizens to file a petition and exercise citizen oversight. (2019, HCB10)

Kerns on Citizen Oversight

  • Believes government and politicians should be held accountable through citizen oversight.
  • Strengthens the initiative petition process, allowing voters to bring issues to the ballot.

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